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Language Access
Solutions for Healthcare

Medical translations and interpreting services for clinics, hospitals, and health insurers across the West Coast. Enabling cross-cultural care to consumers in their preferred foreign language.



Medical Translations and Interpreting Services

Don't let language become a barrier between your patients and better healthcare.  This is why medical clinics, hospitals, and health insurers partner with Language Exchange.  We provide quick, accurate translation and interpretation services to provide better care, increase patient satisfaction and positive outcomes while reducing true cost of provide language access. 

Doctors and health professionals need to understand what's truly going on with the patients and patients need to understand the care available to them.  

This is where our translation and interpretation services pay dividends with limited-English speaking patients – allowing doctors to diagnose effectively and advise patients with greater understanding. 

Language Exchange has been providing fast, accurate & confidential health care and medical translation & interpreting services worldwide since 1986.

Improved quality of care and compliance with professional translation and interpretation services.


Document Translation

Intake Forms, Health Education Material, Prescriptions, or other health plan material translated into your consumers preferred language



On-Site Interpreting

Professional Interpreting face to face between health care professionals and consumers


Over-the-Phone Interpreting

On-Demand interpreting to communicate on the phone



Video Remote Interpreting

Professional interpreters for remote meetings, on-demand

What Are People Saying?

“Many thanks to all that worked so hard to make this happen. I really appreciate all the work your team does for Skagit Regional Health. You have a very dedicated team.”

Skagit Regional Health

“I’ve discovered that you have the largest group of interpreters, including American Sign Language, of any agency! I’m so impressed. And you even got someone for us same-day.”

Harman Eye Clinic

“Thank you so much. That is awesome. You all have been so great in helping us out. I really appreciate your hard work in getting this job filled.”

Proliance Surgeons


Why Language Exchange?

Language Exchange helps healthcare organizations communicate easily and effectively with their patients. Over 30 years experience providing professional healthcare language services. We have helped hundreds of healthcare facilities improve the quality of care and control costs.

Language Exchange medical interpreting and translation allow you to improve the quality of patient care and optimize health outcomes, and remain compliant with equal access legislation.

We use dedicated linguists who are pre-selected professional translators with medical translation & interpreting expertise. Skillful translations include a natural style of the target language with nothing added or omitted.


Compliance and Certification:

Our medical interpreters are carefully vetted and have completed rigorous training and extensive credentialing specific to healthcare.  Training includes extensive medical and pharmaceutical terms and vocabulary.

Our professional medical interpreters are bound by HIPAA regulations, signed confidentiality agreements, and enforced by the interpreters Code of Professional Ethics.  We are complaint with standards set by national healthcare accreditation organizations.

 On-Site Healthcare Interpreting

  • Routine Medical and Specialist Visits
  • Medical Exams
  • Mental Health Care
  • Emergency or Urgent Care
  • Over-the-phone between consumers and health professionals


Healthcare Translation Requests

  • Medical Intake and Consent Forms 
  • Health Information and Marketing Material
  • Post-treatment Plans and Prescriptions
  • Clinical Trials and Summaries
  • Patient Education 
  • Contracts


Language Exchange Benefits


Improved Patient Health Outcome

Enable consumers to receive better care and improved outcomes through greater understanding and compliance with health plans.


Compliant with Access Laws

Know you have an experienced partner helping you stay compliant with language access regulations


Cross-Cultural Effectiveness

Engage your consumers and limited english speaking populations across cultural and linguistic barriers


Frequently Asked Questions


Are you compliant with HIPAA and HITECH?

We take HIPAA and HITECH regulation in the healthcare seriously. Our linguists and team are HIPAA trained as well as using systems that comply with HITECH regulations for patient information.

In addition, we are happy to sign Business Associate Agreements should your clinic or healthcare organization require it.

Can you provide interpreters on-site?
We provide interpreters to your location across California and on-demand interpreting remotely (phone interpreting) anywhere in North America.
Can you provide same day service?
We will do our best to accommodate your language needs, even if it's the same day.  However, this is dependent on the language and availability at that time.

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