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Translation and Interpreting

Solutions for Legal

Manage Cases in Any Language with Access to Quick, Accurate Language Support


Language Services in the Legal Industry


A professional legal interpreter is an invaluable resource in any face-to-face legal situation, communicating your meaning to clients, and vice versa.  And in courts, certified legal interpreters play an essential role in ensuring that justice is done.  Certified Legal Interpreters are human bridges.  They step in whenever people speaking different languages need to communicate with each other about complicated issues.  They are trained to carry ideas from one language to another – accurately and efficiently. We provide reliable translation and interpretation for legal settings of all kinds.

Our network of certified interpreters and translators have experience and expertise in supporting all types of mediation and litigation. Our legal translations and interpreting services have expanded nationally as clients discover our years of experience and unique west coast expertise in legal translations and legal interpreting services.

Removing the Language Barrier in Legal Settings


Document Translation

Legal translation of Contracts, Immigration Documents , Patent or IP, or litigation and E-discovery.



On-Site Interpreting

Professional Interpreting on-site in both consecutive and simultaneous forms for court appearances, depositions, arbitrations, and statements.


Over-the-Phone Interpreting

On-Demand interpreting to communicate with your consumers on the phone 



Video Remote Interpreting

Professional interpreting for remote meetings, on-demand

What Are People Saying?

“I wanted to let your office know that working with Sam Mattix last month was a pleasure. He was incredibly professional and patient with an attorney who rarely works with interpreters – me – and he worked through some challenging material over a period of hours with a great attitude and put my client at ease. It was nice to work with such a professional.”

Family Law Firm
Whatcom County

“If there is any way to nominate this company for small business of the year, I wouldn't even hesitate. For years now they have been the most enjoyable organization to work with. They are friendly, prompt, fair, reliable, etc., etc., etc.”

Washington State Board fo Industrial Appeals

“It has been my pleasure to work with Julie in my capacity at Jefferson County Superior Court Administrator and Interpreter Coordinator over the last year. I appreciate how quickly she responds to my requests made via telephone and/or email and the fact that she always manages to provide an interpreter on even the shortest of notice. I also appreciate her willingness to do business by email which makes my job easier. I feel that Julie goes above and beyond in her attempts to keep one interpreter assigned to a case for the life of the case rather than the parties dealing with a different interpreter at each court hearing. I know that it isn’t always possible but when it is she makes it happen. Last but not least she is very nice and it is a pleasure doing business with her.”

Michelle Moore - Court Administrator
Superior Court

“You guys are THE BEST!!!!! You have no idea. Well maybe you do, since you get RAVE reviews from everyone I talk to in the Department who works with your great people!!!!!!! Thank you.”

Jan Albright
Monroe Children's Administration

“This is perhaps my favorite private business in the entire state of Washington. Their customer service is absolutely second to none and their work is super fast and accurate. I love these folks.Also, unless you need one, you can let them know they don’t need to provide an estimate because in my experience, they are totally fair and don’t price-gouge us.”

Judicial Assistant, State of WA Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals


Why Language Exchange?

We are the West Coast's leading provider of professional interpreting and translation with over 35 years of expertise in legal settings. Our goal is to always provide accurate and quick cross cultural language solutions to law firms, in-house legal, and other professionals. We know the importance of accuracy and compliance to get your job done well and you can rely on us for the highest quality every time. We use dedicated linguists with legal experience and provide fast communication to help you meet your deadlines. 

Trusted by hundreds of lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, and their clients.

 On-Site Interpreting Settings

  • Court appearances and depositions
  • Arbitrations
  • Statements
  • Client meetings


Translation Requests

  • Contracts and patents
  • Immigration documents
  • Litigation
  • e-discovery
  • Depositions
  • Affidavits


Language Exchange Benefits

  • Provide access to thousands of interpreters and translators all over California
  • Services in over 200 languages
  • Qualified linguists familiar with your subject matter



Our quick response and turnaround times allow your job to move as quickly and smoothly as possible



Process and confidentiality protect your data and information



Our team approach and three-step translation process provide checks to ensure accuracy in all we do


Frequently Asked Questions

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How quickly can you translate documents?
Our turnaround time depends on the length and language of the document in question, but we can occasionally provide emergency translation in as little as 24 hours.
How long do I have to wait if I request a quote?
We answer all quotes same day during business hours.
Do you offer certified translations and certified interpreters?

Yes, we can provide certified translations and certified interpreters although it is important to recognize that not all situations require certification.

We have interpreters with Court and Administrative Certification, Federal Court Certification, and Medical Certification. Certification is not available for many rare languages and therefore not required. 

The K-12 Educators Guide to Language Access and Support