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On-Site Interpreting

Access to certified and qualified interpreters to meet you where you are

Easy to request, track, and manage your on-site interpreting with Language Exchange

On-site Interpreting services with Language Exchange are designed to support facilities that have an ongoing need for reliable face-to-face interpretation whether in spoken word or in American Sign Language. (ASL)

Our interpreting network is extensive with over 4000 professional interpreters across the state of Washington.  You can easily schedule an appointment in advance or request for last-minute same-day situations. Improve customer satisfaction, reduce risk, and comply with government regulations with our quality onsite interpreting


Quality Interpretation and Privacy without Compromise

We fill every assignment with quality interpreters that have been meticulously vetted by our team for relevant professional experience, native language fluency, industry credentials, and certification for legal or medical settings.

  • Interpreters have a minimum of two years professional experience as well as completion of an interpreter training program and or maintain certification at a state or national level for medical or legal settings.
  • Our interpreters sign a Confidentiality Agreement and an Interpreter Code of Ethics that guarantees confidentiality and security of your consumer's sensitive information is handled with the utmost care.
  • Interpreter assignment is culturally sensitive – requesting the gender and dialect of the interpreter can be specified.


Escort Interpreters

Language Exchange can provide you with escort interpreters for trade shows, travel and business tours, conferences, and corporate retreats in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.  Escort interpreters are interpreters who travel with you to wherever their services are needed, and have fluent and active command of English and at least one other language. The escort interpreters at Language Exchange are contracted for their flexibility and fluency, skills that are especially important for the unique demands of escort interpretation.

If you’re expecting non-English speakers at your trade show or convention, help them make the most of their experience by engaging a professional escort interpreter through Language Exchange.  


Recording Voiceovers

Looking for recording voice-overs for non-English radio or television or for your company’s product or campaign? Language Exchange has experience providing voice talent in multiple languages at competitive rates


Conference and Court Interpreting

We provide interpreters for both conference and court situations, though the two are very different. This white paper will describe the differences including professional recognition, working conditions, speaker sophistication, interpreter qualifications and preparation, interpreter’s objective, public speaking and time and effort in preparation: Conference VS Court Interpreting

"I want to tell you how impressed I am with your customer care and level of service. It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you. I will definitely recommend people to The Language Exchange, and if I ever have need for translation services again, I will be giving you a call." - Emily, Wyoming

Interpreter Credentials

Read more about how we qualify our interpreters.