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Language Support for Government

Bringing Languages Together


Language Services in Government

Our world is growing more and more interconnected, with cultures and languages flowing across borders. It is important that government officials are able to convey their messages to all those they represent and to provide equal language access for consumers. We provide accurate translation and interpretation services so that agencies can ensure that their constituents are kept up-to-date and get the chance to hear what they have to say.

We have translators and interpreters experienced in government settings with the cultural context necessary to provide reliable translations and interpretations.

Equal language access, regardless the language.


Document Translation

Notices, election material, website information, educational material translated into constituents' preferred languages



On-Site Interpreting

Both consecutive and simultaneous professional on-site interpreting


Over-the-Phone Interpreting

On-Demand interpreting to communicate with consumers on the phone



Language & Cultural Consulting

Best language practices to enable your government agency to support consumers across language barriers

What Are People Saying?

“I really appreciate your honesty and professionalism.”

Whatcom County, Washington

“I got the translated brochures off the ftp site. Everything looks great! I am re-linking the images and sending them off to print today! So excited.”

King County, Washington

“Thanks for the quick service!”

Community Services Provider


Why Language Exchange?

Language Exchange has been supporting government agencies since 1986. We have experience working in everything from municipal government to state agencies. Our goal is to enable cross-cultural communication in all your consumers' preferred languages through our services..

Trusted by hundreds of government organizations.

On-Site Interpreting Settings

  • Sharing of sensitive information
  • Meeting with consumers
  • Public addresses
  • Board meetings


Translation Requests

  • Notices
  • Election or educational material
  • Website information
Translation Collaboration


Language Exchange Benefits


Improved Language Support

Get the best language support across departments through our wide range of translation and interpreting services


Compliant with Access Laws

Know you have an experienced partner helping you stay compliant with language access regulations


Cross-Cultural Effectiveness

Engage your diverse consumers across cultural and linguistic barriers


Frequently Asked Questions


What is your turnaround time?
Our turnaround time depends on the length and language of the document in question, but we can occasionally provide emergency translation in as little as 24 hours.
Are your translators and interpreters Washington certified?

Yes, we can provide certified translations and certified interpreters although it is important to recognize that not all situations require certification.

We have interpreters with Court and Administrative Certification, Federal Court Certification, and Medical Certification. Certification is not available for many rare languages and therefore not required

How do I receive translated documents?
We send the final translated copies via email unless otherwise requested.

How to Develop a Language Access Program

This e-book will show you how to develop a language access program for your local government, school, or organization.